model todd sanfield nude cock and hairy bush

A Tribute to Model Todd Sanfield Who Pioneered the Art of Baring Bush in Men’s Fashion

Todd Sanfield is perhaps one of the most celebrated underwear/ swimwear models of all time.  His handsome face and well-muscled body made him a fan favorite when he first appeared on the cover of DNA Magazine over a decade ago.  But it was the subsequent issues in which he bared his signature pubes that catapulted his career into the stratosphere of international fame.  His collaborations with top male photographers Joe Lally, Rick Day and Kevin McDermott yielded iconic images of masculine sexuality that have withstood the test of time. They continue to sizzle and arouse each time I see them.

model todd sanfield nude cock and hairy bush

That beautiful bush is as much a part of the Todd Sanfield brand as the man himself.  He is the owner-brand ambassador of Todd Sanfield underwear /swimwear which can be purchased at  It’s worth a visit if only to see Todd’s amazingly sculpted body clad only in tight swaths of fabric.  Todd also remains active on Twitter and YouTube.

model todd sanfield nude cock and hairy bush by photographer kevin mcdermott
Todd Sanfield nude from Kapu book collaboration with Photographer Kevin McDermott

A dense, dark thicket of pubic hair is a beautiful sight to behold.  Our Movember Bush Contest challenges men to grow out their pubic hair.  If the contest prize money alone is not incentive enough, we bring you these images of Todd Sanfield for inspiration.  Todd was a pioneering male model who dared to bare it all for his fans.  He was a one-man campaign against manscaping in an industry where most male models prefer their pubes to be smooth shaven.  Visit our Todd Sanfield Nude Gallery for more inspiration from the male model who made history by daring to bare bush and more in mainstream male fashion.

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