Hot Guys Tease: Four Straight Hunks Race to Cross the Gay Finish Line

Kudos to the recruiting efforts at GayHoopla and related site HotGuysFuck for introducing fans to some of the best looking new talent of any studio today.  Many of the performers appear on both sites: first in solo videos for GayHoopla and then in hetero action for HotGuysFuck.  


Superstars Channing Rodd, Dustin Hazel, Jayden Marcos are some of the few performers who have defied labels and proven themselves equally adept performing in hard core scenes with both men and women. 

The Evolution of Bryce Beckett

Other fan favorites however, include performers who require time, coaxing and lots of incentive ($) before they will appear with another male performer in a hard core scene.  For these daring dudes there is a middle-ground related site called BiGuysFuck.  It is a no-judgment, no labels safe-space zone which provides yet another opportunity for performers to make money. 


Perhaps the biggest success story has been the evolution of Bryce Beckett as a performer.  After his solo, Bryce followed up with several hetero scenes, and then began topping exclusively in bi and gay hardcore scenes.  It would take a couple of years before Bryce would begin to reciprocate oral, which is difficult to watch but I give him credit for trying.  When the hulking 6’5″ muscle man took the final plunge and bottomed for Superstar Collin Simpson, his star status with fans shot into the stratosphere.  The big man with the big cock was a talented ass-eating top with the physical ability to dominate, lift and carry his scene partners.  But for fans it was most gratifying when Bryce would bottom and his scenes with Channing Rodd and Sage Hardwell were spectacular to watch.

There are four performers in particular who have been teasing fans for the past couple of years with hard core scenes on BiGuysFuck and GayHoopla, but with hardly any progression outside of their comfort zone or adding to their sexual repertoire.  We’ll summarize their progress to date and leave it to the loyal fans to determine who will be the first to cross the line, either sucking cock or bottoming for the first time.

1. Aaron Tigger


Handsome blond Aaron Tigger made a memorable debut as a teen bodybuilder with a perfectly chiseled body, juicy cock and luscious bush.  He was super confident and loved showing off his body.  He had a couple hetero scenes at HotGuysFuck and then dropped off the radar.  He made an unexpected return in a BiGuysFuck video with shy guy Grayson who made his eyes roll back with his oral skills.  I think the scene could have gone differently if Aaron had been paired with someone more aggressive and experienced who might have gently coaxed Aaron into doing more than just receiving oral.  He did kiss a guy for the first time on film and it was brief but hot.   Aaron loves pussy, but he is also young which means he is predisposed to exploring if given the right encouragement.  The odds of Aaron crossing the line in his next video is pretty low at  30/100.

2. Sage Hardwell


Sage Hardwell was an instant fan favorite when he debuted a muscular body covered with a beautiful coat of fur in all the right places.  His juicy pecs and his hefty cock were signature Sage.  Surprisingly, but much to the delight of fans, his follow up scenes would be for GayHoopla.  His scene partners were superstars Dustin Hazel, Robbie Valentine and Bryce Beckett and he was able to hold his own delivering spectacular performances in each as an energetic, dominant, aggressive, ass-eating top.  Sage loves receiving head and getting his ass rimmed, but he has yet to reciprocate oral.  


His scene with Dustin Hazel was such a tease as he stroked and stared at Dustin’s hard cock inches away from his mouth.  Sage has only one scene on HotGuysFuck and his stiff cock speaks volumes about his off-screen preferences.  He’s fucking guys because it pays more, and the latest preview has him returning in a bi scene topping Canelo Ment.  It’s time fans and producers provide the right incentive for Sage to reciprocate oral.  He has also mentioned in his scene with Bryce that turnabout is fair play so a bottoming scene might precede any oral action.  Sage is ready to cross the line and I put the odds at 70/100.

3. Jeremy Barker


Uber masculine Jeremy Barker has a bad boy appeal that fits perfectly with his compact muscular boxer body and tattoos.  He’s got an irresistible smirk and a rock hard cock that he puts to excellent use as the resident top for all three websites.  Jeremy’s recent pairing with Canelo Ment and Dustin Hazel were scorching hot and it was evident he had chemistry with his scene partners.  There was lots of passionate kissing, and power play as he enjoyed some deep rimming and even allowed Dustin’s finger to penetrate his hole.  He briefly kissed Dustin’s cock over the underwear, but otherwise avoided having dick in his mouth, even though he is fine with rimming.  


He’s not completely adverse to touching cock as he strokes Jayden’s massive boner in one of the bi scenes.  My bet is that this muscle boy will sooner take it up the ass than in the face and has nowhere to go but cross the line to keep fans loyal.  His odds are 90/100.

4. Chase Arcangel


Newcomer Chase Archangel is a handsome guy.  He’s three for three with scenes on all three sites.  His bi scene with Mason Skyy was pretty tame as he received oral service and then did some topping.  


What struck me as promising was the passionate kissing and the clip of him jerking Mason’s hard cock just inches away from his face.  He seems comfortable handling cock and it will be interesting to see what else he will do with it.  He seems pretty dominant and is good at fucking so I see him crossing the line first with oral reciprocation. I put his odds at 75-100.

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