The Evolution of Paddy O’Brian from Gay4Pay Performer into a Bona Fide Gay Pornstar

The latest JustForFans update from Michael Lucas co-starring Paddy O’Brian is one of the hottest scenes of any independently produced content released so far this year.  For fans of Paddy O’Brian, the familiar cockney accent, the sculpted body adorned with jet black hair, and the girthy, rock-hard cock were instantly recognizable even though it’s  been years since his last appearance in porn.

But apart from his physical appearance, the Paddy O’Brian who making his return on screen is completely unrecognizable from the former Gay4Pay actor we remember.  By virtue of a raw, uninhibited performance and an impressive mastery of new skills, this scene was an opportunity to introduce fans to a new and evolved version of Paddy O’Brian: gay porn superstar.

Perhaps the biggest shocker for fans was the opening scene in which Paddy sheds his former aversion to cocksucking, as he takes on Michael’s notoriously large cock.  Paddy has obviously been putting in the hours practicing his oral skills.   He shows off impressive techniques as he works Michael’s lengthy rod from root to tip.

No more 30-second, half-assed blowjobs as we remembered from this scene with Connor Maguire.

It is a testament to Paddy’s new skills when a seasoned pro such as Michael Lucas is driven to premature ejaculation while getting head.   The moment was beautifully captured as streams of white semen dripped from Paddy’s mouth.  Ever the newly minted gay porn professional, there was no spitting to rid traces of the load and not even a pause in the action.  What a long way he has come as a performer.

Paddy was one of the few Gay4Pay performer whom gay porn fans accepted and adored because he was such a good-natured, blue-collar, manly-man.  He used his fat cock and sculpted muscle ass to deliver great performances both as a brutal top and a voracious bottom.  Even so, his aversion to cock-in-mouth always reminded me of his Gay4Pay status and his performances never rang true.

With this new scene, Paddy was able to shed all that Gay4Pay baggage.  The new Paddy is all about enjoying gay sex, and not only submitting but dedicating himself to pleasing his partner.   There was an intense chemistry between Michael and Paddy that made the scene so memorable.  There was so much passionate kissing that brought a gay sensibility to scene. The unscripted scene moved at its own pace and the stars directed each other as the action unfolded organically.   The men were only focused on each other and what the camera captured seemed genuine and intimate.  The resulting footage from beginning to end was sheer voyeurism.



  1. It is important to remember, that: PADDY! He’s a straight man. I believe he made this film, out of financial need; and because of the porn market. For me, no actor has emerged within the gay world, who will take away his Throne.

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