Transformations: Five Pornstars Who Have Gotten Bigger and Better Through Bodybuilding

It’s hard to believe that the once lanky Campbell Stevens is now the hunky Jake Wilder. Porn is an industry that routinely crushes self-esteem, but Jake is an inspiration for knowing his potential and having the tenacity to work toward achieving his best self. The physical transformation was the result of years of hard work with weight training and strict adherence to costly muscle-building diets and supplements.  He started his porn career as a waifish teen named Campbell at Sean Cody, where his slender build would always typecast him as a bottom.  After several years, he moved to Next Door Studios and added the last name Stevens to his Porn Identity, which was fitting since he has passed into manhood and was a college aged jock.  Gaining muscle mass is a slow process and his journey of physical transformation was well documented in publicity photos below, year after year.  


His appearance gradually changed so much he was no longer recognizable from the scrawny bottom boy fans knew as Campbell.  By the time he was ready to sign on with he had transformed into a muscle bound, bona fide hunk.  He had more opportunities and projects open up to him.  Even though he may now risk being typecast as a hunk, he has more options available to him.  Hunks can be cast as either bottoms or tops, or both in a flip scene.  

Hunks also have the ability to change people’s perceptions and stereotypes which can sometimes be limiting and offensive.  As his new porn persona Jake Wilder, he was wildly popular as the handsome muscle top everyone fantasized about.  Jake Wilder expanded his career resume to include appearances in Trans Porn, which for many years have been marginalized by the porn industry and struggled to find financial backing because they did not have famous stars.  They worked with meager production budgets compared to the Straight and Gay Porn Studios.  The arrival of major stars like Jake Wilder, Lance Hart, Robert Axel, Colby Jansen among many others, helped to increase the visibility of Trans Porn, and it quickly became a respected and profitable porn production entity.

It’s common practice for many pornstars to change their names; this usually occurs when they end a long-term working relationship with a particular studio to go work for a competitor.  Some studios contractually own the names given to their performers.  Changing a porn name may be easy, but changing one’s porn identity and image is a lot more difficult and time consuming.  Superstar Trevor Laster started out as a muscle twink, and over the many years of his long career he has been working hard to add muscle mass, finally achieving an impressively sculpted and proportionately muscular physique.  While he may look imposing with the added muscles and tattoos, Trevor remains true to his brand as an easygoing, hella-sexy, insatiable muscle-bottom.

Superstar Ryan Rose has always possessed a muscular physique, but during his time at Sean Cody performing as Pierce, he did not achieve the level of popularity or international fame that he enjoys now.  It was only very recently that his physical transformation into a bona fide muscle hunk became complete.  During the past two years, he gained a significant amount of muscle mass which helped to bulk up his tall slender frame.  His body is now a mountain of irresistible muscles .  He also had an image makeover which included some scruff and a butch haircut to complete the bigger, new and improved Ryan Rose:   He is now the epitome of Mr Tall Dark and Handsome.  His new image exudes an overpowering masculine sex appeal which in turn has brought more opportunities.  Thanks to his early experience at Sean Cody he can now be convincing as either a top or bottom in any given scene. 

Superstar Justin Matthews is another performer who started with Sean Cody as a college jock type named Taylor.  Justin has always had a lean muscular physique and a friendly, boyishly handsome face which appealed to fans.  He has been able to put on some muscle mass, but not so much so as to change his image or identity.  His brand is the wholesome but increasingly sexy and hot boy next door which we hope will grow into the the eligible bachelor hunk next door.

Mathias was introduced to the world of gay porn by Active Duty Studio and after some time paying his dues in low budget productions, he was transferred to Next Door Studios where he joined other fellow AD recruits like Quentin Gainz and Markie More, both of whom went on to be Superstars. Mathias continued to work on his impressive bodybuilder physique and his muscle gains are astounding.  In addition to his imposing physicality, Mathias now sports a full hipster beard which adds maturity and gravitas to his overall presence.  Even though he is young in years, fans are fantasizing about the new Mathias as a hot Muscle Daddy who will dominate them and hopefully fuck them into submission when they misbehave.

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