Twitter Hottie Aidan(@apex-aidan) Is About to Reach His Peak

Meet my latest obsession, Twitter Hottie Aidan (apex-aidan) who is a self-described nerd, gamer and bodybuilder.  There is not much about him on the internet so I have done my best to craft a likely origin story of Gay Porn’s New It Boy.  

Some people take time to grow into their looks. Aidan probably grew up as the clean cut, typical boy-next-door.  He was probably also socially awkward from having spent too much time gaming.  When the hormones kicked in, he found that working out hard helped to assuage the sexual frustration that was mounting day by day as he got older.  He gained self-confidence as he saw the results of his hard work.  He didn’t mind sharing naked selfies as he did not quite fully appreciate yet what a hottie he was becoming.

One day it all came together: the facial hair, the muscle gains, the cheekbones and cute haircut and he felt comfortable in his own skin for the first time.  He started noticing hot guys were paying attention him, but despite his outward hottie appearance, he was still the humble gamer nerd inside, and lacked the confidence to initiate any sexual encounter that were literally being thrown his way.

One day while out on the town, Aidan’s good looks caught the attention of several of his porn idols.  He tried so hard to suppress his urge to geek out when Superstars Griffin Barrows and Gabriel Cross asked him to join them for a day on the town. 

 He was star struck.  And the sex was of course incredible.  Even intoxicating.  He was suddenly being offered money to co-star with his porn idols to produce video content for their fansites.

One job led to another and suddenly everyone wanted to work with the fresh faced newbie with the sculpted body and his perfectly shaped cut cock that was always camera ready.

Top photographers started taking notice and offered to help build his portfolio with tasteful nudes, styling and lighting that would elicit his good looks and star potential.  He couldn’t believe how well they turned out and started posting his collaborations to a new Twitter account.  

Once the images of his hunk came online, the internet would take over and do what it does best.  So far he has been the supporting actor and guest star in self-produced content of well established industry veterans.  My guess is that it won’t stay that way very long once the folks across the pond begin to take notice Aidan’s star potential is reaching its apex. 

Again, I must remind our readers that all of the above backstory is based on assumptions as I do not know Aidan.  I would like to extend an invitation to Aidan to contact me and I will help tell his story in a another article.  And of course, I hope neither Griffin Barrows nor Gabriel Cross will take offense at being referenced fictitiously in my imaginary scenario.

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